Train TV is closed from December 31st 2019

TRAIN TV IS CLOSED – we closed December 31st 2019, and the screens in S-trains will be shut down by the end of 2019


What is Train TV?

Train TV had the license to sell the commercial time on the information screens in the S-trains in and around Copenhagen.

We had 2.806 screens in 135 S-train units.

The content was shown in a loop with a maximum duration of 20 minutes, which is the average travel time for a passenger. In addition to commercials, the screens were showing news and travel information.

The passengers are “captured” in the train and have the time to be open to and receive and react on the information and offers that we show them on their journey.

What is the reach?

In just 1 week you reached more than ½ million unique viewers in the S-trains and in just 2 weeks you reached more than every 3rd person in the Capital Region. Download our Profile of Train TV viewers and see many more numbers about our coverage.